Poonam Vaidya, the founder and President of Maxim Valuations has twenty years experience in valuing businesses, business ownership interests, securities, or intangible assets.  Maxim is known for its well-supported valuations that are fully defensible and capable of withstanding scrutiny from auditors, regulatory bodies, and other parties.

At Maxim Valuations, we utilize a variety of approaches and methodologies, based on each client's unique valuation requirement and type of business activity. This enables us to provide the most authentic and accurate business valuation to address your needs.

Business valuations

Merger & Acquisition

Gift and Estate Tax

Corporate Financial Reporting (ASC 718, 805, 350)

409a Tax Reporting

Startup Valuation for Fundraising

Work with startup company management as internal consultant assisting in the preparation of financial projections

Intellectual Property Valuation (IP)

Business Valuations for marital dissolution and shareholder lawsuits

Litigation Support Services for economic damages, lost profits, breach of contract